Patrice Banks shares tips from her new book ‘Girls Auto Cinic Glove Box Guide’ at the Women and Wheels Car Care Clinic

Author and Girls Auto Clinic Repair Center owner, Patrice Banks, brought her workshop to the Women and Wheels Car Care Clinic at Full Circle Service Center. She shared basic tips that help women feel empowered about what’s under the hood of their own cars. These same tips are found in her new book Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide.

Her book is a self-help automotive guide, which she stresses is not a cover to cover read and not to be put on the shelf. Just like a car has a manual, Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide is an owner’s manual with practical advice explained in simple terms for the consumer.

Banks refers to herself as a former “auto airhead” but she didn’t remain clueless. She now refers to herself and the community of women who strive to know more about their vehicles as “sheCANics.” The former Dupont engineer is serious about the mission of her Girls Auto Clinic, stating simply that she wants to make women “smart consumers and confident drivers.” She also hopes that the women who come to her clinics “…will never feel taken advantage of and know exactly what to do.”


Women and Wheels Car Care Clinic-goers were able to use their own cars to look under the hood and identify parts. They were also invited to ask questions. Banks emphasized that there was no shame in asking questions. The question ranged from how to identify a bad transmission to asking if it’s better to resurface a rotor or get a new one.

You can watch some of the videos from Patrice Banks at the Women and Wheels Car Care Clinic by going to Full Circle Service Center’s Facebook page under “Videos.”