Factory Scheduled & Regular Car Maintenance

Does your regular auto maintenance confuse you? Well, you’re not alone in that; lots of drivers find the schedules maintenance section of their vehicle owners manual overwhelming. There’s probably a club for that, and they might even have jackets. We wouldn’t know because the mechanics at Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Centers in Waverly, MD, and Halethorpe, MD, can help you get on top of your car’s factory scheduled maintenance plan.

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What is the importance of the scheduled maintenance? This maintenance is preventative care for your vehicle; it’s designed to make sure you get minor car problems fixed while the repairs are still budget-friendly. Scheduled maintenance may include oil changes, replenishing of fluids, and tire rotations. But, you will need several other services like air filter replacements, battery services, and replacement of spark plugs. If you’re curious about all the factory scheduled maintenance your car needs, check your vehicle’s owner manual.

When your car is almost due for a factory scheduled service, that’s your cue to call the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center. Conveniently located zip codes 21227 and 21218, Full Circle is here to keep your car road-save and ready. After making an appointment, we’ll give you a quote for your auto repair services, so you know what to expect.

We take your safety seriously, so we’ll be sure to look out for any signs of imminent repair services while we work on your car. After completing the scheduled maintenance service, our experienced Service Advisors give you a call to inform you of the car’s overall health, potential concerns, and recommendations for your car. If you’re ready to plan your next visit, we’ll schedule your next appointment on the spot. There are no surprises at the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center, so we’ll give you a quote for the upcoming services’ potential cost.

So, when it’s time for factory scheduled maintenance, give Full Circle a try. With labor rates up to 30% less than our competitors, we’re committed to getting you the best price and providing you the best auto repair service. Upselling, extra frees, and unnecessary services just aren’t our style.

We’ll be here in Waverly, Baltimore City, and Halethorpe, Maryland, when you’re ready. Both garages are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. But, here’s the kicker: the Full Circle Auto Repair & Service Center is a social enterprise. Getting your auto repair services at Full Circle supports our parent company, Vehicles for Change, a nonprofit changing lives through vehicle ownership and technical job training. While our ASE-certified automotive technicians work to give you the best quality repair in Baltimore, you’ll be helping families in Maryland, and Virginia break the cycle of generational poverty.

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Factory Schedule Maintenance & Car Warranties

You might wonder if your car’s warranty will be voided if you get your regularly scheduled maintenance performed at an independent shop like the Full Circle Auto Repair & Service Center instead of the dealership. This is a pretty common misconception, you don’t need to go back to the dealership at all!
Visiting Full Circle for your factory scheduled maintenance will have no impact on your warranty. The truth is, delaying or failing to perform factory scheduled car repair services will void your warranty, and visiting Full Circle for these services will help you keep that all-important warranty intact. More importantly, getting your car serviced at the Full Circle Auto Repair & Service Center will keep more money in your pocket.
Car Maintenance Waverly Halethorpe

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