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Car repairs in Baltimore, Halethorpe, Waverly and Pen Lucy often include hoses. Hoses are an important part of keeping your car running smoothly, lasting longer and needing less maintenance. Avoid costly roadside breakdowns with regularly scheduled maintenance so our ASE certified technicians can save you money and keep you running. Our industry leading, Nationwide Warranty of 36 months / 36,ooo miles surpasses most others, including dealerships. If you are looking for trusted hose repair, replacement or fixes at a great price make your appointment today online or on the phone.

Car hoses and services in Baltimore, Halethorpe 21227 at (410) 242-3168.  Or for car hose service in Waverly / Pen Lucy 21218 call (410) 889-8000

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Heater Hose Replacement Halethorpe 21228, Waverly 21218

As the name implies, your heater hose is responsible for keeping your car’s interior warm during the chilly months of the year. When excess heat builds up in your engine, your heater hose transports hot liquid coolant out and into your heating core. From there, the excess heat is recycled and pushed into the cabin.

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Your vehicle’s heater hose can withstand extremely high temperatures, but not forever. As time goes on and your heater hose reaches the end of its life, one of two things will happen. First, you may notice that the hose is becoming hard and brittle, or it will become soft and mushy to the touch. Second, as this problem worsens, the hose will begin to leak hot coolant. This coolant may pool under your vehicle or may burst and create steam as it collides with the hot parts of your engine. With regular scheduled car maintenance many belt and hose issues can be found before they fail. Come over to the Full Circle Auto Repair in Halethorpe, Maryland (21227) or Waverly, Baltimore City, Maryland (21218), to get your scheduled maintenance, including belts and hoses fixed. You can’t afford to delay this repair. Without a healthy heater and radiator hoses, your engine could overheat and leave your car steaming on the side of the road.

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Radiator Hose Replacement Halethorpe, Waverly, Pen Lucy, Elkridge

Radiator Hose Halethorpe 21227

Your radiator hose is one of the components which stands between you and engine failure. Like the heater hose, it should be checked for its conduction periodically. If you see any green, red, or yellow liquid, you’ll know that the hose is beginning to crack or corrode. If this repair is not made in time, your engine could overheat or experience a catastrophic failure.  Don’t let your engine go up in smoke; visit the Full Circle Auto Repair Center in Halethorpe or our Waverly location as soon as you notice a leak! Or better yet schedule your routine car maintenance and have an ASE certified technician service your vehicle and be prepared.

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There are many types of hoses on vehicle in Waverly, Halethorpe and for Pen Lucy, Elkridge, Baltimore. Depending on your vehicle make and model you may have various types and sizes. Our ASE certified technicians can provide trusted services for all your hoses.

  • Radiator Hoses
  • Heater Hoses
  • Air Conditioning Hoses
  • Brake Hoses / lines
  • Vacuum
  • Power Steering
  • Fuel Hoses
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Car Hoses A/C, Fuel, Brakes, Radiator, Heater, Power Steering, Vacuum

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Good work, I needed a lot of work done. They got me in and out in a day and I’m happy. Thank you!. Full Circle Service Center

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