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It’s the hottest day of the summer, and your family plans to take a day trip. You get everything packed, and in the car, you crank up the A/C and get a face full of hot air. Now the trip is ruined. Or is it? Full Circle Auto and Training Center has got you covered. With two convenient Baltimore locations for car repair in Waverly, and Halethorpe car repair, they will have you in and out in no time.

Car A/C Repair Recharge Testing in Halethorpe 21227 & Waverly 21218

The most common issue that causes the A/C system to malfunction is a leak of refrigerant. A leak in your car’s air conditioning system occurs when the seals and hoses in the A/C unit wear down and weaken. It’s hard for the untrained eye to diagnose a leak because the refrigerant is colorless and odorless. It would be best to have a trained professional like the ASE-certified mechanics at the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center to diagnose the malfunction properly. Schedule your Free A/C Testing

Car A/C Recharge, Repair, Testing in Waverly 21218

When you recognize an issue with the A/C system, make an appointment immediately. We can help with a simple air conditioning recharge or repair if needed. When you leave minor repairs unchecked, they can balloon into a more extensive repair quickly. If you hold out on repairing the A/C system will cause significant car malfunctions in the future. When air mixes with leaking refrigerant, it becomes a dangerous acid. This acid will leak onto other components of your vehicle, destroying them in the process, causing a more extended, more expensive repair than before. Repairing your air conditioning system unit as soon as you see signs of trouble is the best way to keep auto repair budget-friendly.

At the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center, we use a black light for better visibility. When a black light or dye is used, we can locate the source of the leak. No matter if it’s coming from a seal, hose, or whole A/C system issue, the trained automotive technicians at Full Circle will begin the vehicle’s repair.

Car A/C Recharge, Repair, Halethorpe 21227

Once we’ve assessed what air conditioning repair services your car needs like air conditioning recharge or repair.  We’ll contact you to discuss what needs to be done and how long it will take. The only thing that dampens the mood more than postponing a driving event due to A/C failure is a sweltering ride. At Full Circle, we do what it takes to get you back on the road, comfortably, as quickly as possible.

Car Mechanic AC Repair, Recharge in Halethorpe 21227 & Waverly 21218

Are you experiencing trouble with your vehicle’s A/C unit? Schedule an appointment at Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center. Both Waverly, MD (21218) and Halethorpe, MD (21227) Baltimore locations are open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, to help you. You can make an appointment through our website, and someone will contact you about your appointment.

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When you support Full Circle, not only are you supporting a small local nonprofit, but you are funding a second chance at a career and assisting in granting a vehicle to a family with transportation needs. Visit Full Circle’s parent organization for more information.

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