Oil Change Waverly Halethorpe Courtesy Inspection

The Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center is a full-service repair garage with locations in Halethorpe, Maryland (21227) and Waverly, Baltimore City, Maryland (21218). Since our opening, our local customers have come to trust that Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center will give every car the ruthless attention to detail necessary to keep it road-safe and road-ready. From oil changes to brake replacement, our mission is to keep each customer safe on the highway.

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We care about your safety; that’s why each oil change at the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center comes with a bumper-to-bumper inspection, free of charge. An oil change is quick and easy, so we put our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics to work while you wait. Before you leave our lot, we look at your car inside and out to make sure you know about minor issues before they become costly repairs.

So, what exactly does Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center look for in the bumper-to-bumper inspection?

Oil Change and Courtesy Inspection

Battery & Cables
If there’s one thing any driver can relate to, it’s the let-down of a bad battery. We’ve all been there, but you can avoid a stressful morning before work with a Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center complimentary vehicle inspection offered with any oil change. When we look under the hood, we check your battery and cables for any signs of damage to let you know when it’s time for this vital repair.

Battery Inspection Halethorpe Waverly

Windshield Wiper Blades
You need effective windshield wipers to stay safe on the road, whether it’s drizzling or raining cats and dogs. Bringing your car to the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Centers in Halethorpe, MD, or Waverly, Baltimore City, MD, is the best way to get a professional opinion on the health of your windshield wipers. We’ll give them a look and let you know if they are too damaged to drive safely.

Exterior Lights
Exterior lights help you navigate the world safely. You’ll need bright and functioning head and tail lights in the evening, your blinkers on the highway, and your high beams while traversing the road in the dead of night. Driving without functioning exterior lights is like driving with your eyes closed, so stay safe and avoid a driving ticket with a bumper-to-bumper inspection from the mechanics at Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center. Our knowledgeable staff can help.

Air Filters
Air Filters don’t get enough credit. A dirty engine air filter means your engine isn’t getting the fresh oxygen it needs to function at top performance, and a dirty cabin air filter means you’re breathing in dust! So when the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center’s excellent mechanics are checking under the hood of your car, they’ll take a good look at your filters to make sure you and your engine are staying healthy.

Fluid Levels
It takes a lot of fluid to keep your car rolling. At the Full Circle Auto Repair Waverly and Halethorpe, we look in every tank to ensure your vehicle has what it needs. We start by replacing your engine oil but move on to check the transmission fluid so you can shift gears with ease, coolant to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat, brake fluid to make sure you can stop as fast as you can go, and top off your windshield wiper fluid at no additional cost to keep your vision clear. Without these fluids, you’re bound to run into some costly car trouble.

Radiator Hose Halethorpe 21227

Belts & Hoses
The belts and hoses connecting your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems keep you comfortable and your engine running at peak performance. Unfortunately, over time, the belts and hoses in your car can wear down, leading to coolant leaks, overheated engines, and catastrophic engine failure.

Have you heard the trick to measure your tire’s tread? If you place a penny in the grooves of your tire and see Abraham Lincoln, then it’s time to replace them. If you want a more accurate indicator of when to get your tires replaced, look no further than the complimentary inspections Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center offers. We check the general condition, tire pressure, and tread depth of your tires. While we’re at it, we’ll check to make sure your Illuminated Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light, better known as the tire pressure light, is in working order.

Oil Change with free tire inspection Waverly Halethorpe

Visual Signs of Misalignment Conditions
You can feel misaligned tires while you drive, but our ASE-certified automotive mechanics can spot the signs with the naked eye. When your car is serviced at Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center, we’ll look for premature wear and tear on your tires. If we notice a crooked steering wheel or uneven tire wear, we’ll alert you to ensure optimal drivability of your vehicle.

Oil Change; Synthetic, High Mileage, Conventional

An oil change in Waverly 21218 and Halethorpe 21227 can come with many benefits. Our courtesy inspection brings high quality and value with that old change. High mileage oil changes can help an older car to run longer with less issues. Synthetic oil changes are appropriate for many vehicles, but not all and our ASE certified technicians can help you know the right oil change for your car. Conventional oil change, filter and lube can provide the lubrication that is needed to keep your engine’s life expectancy extended further. Give us a call for your next oil change in Halethorpe or Waverly.