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Hey Pen Lucy visit Full Circle for your auto service needs.

Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center has been a part of the community for six years while serving thousands of satisfied customers. With our recent construction upgrade completed we are back and ready to serve the Pen Lucy area. It’s only a five to ten minute drive to our Waverly location. Here at Full Circle Auto our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to provide the best customer service in town. Our automotive services include the inspection and repair of brakes, tires, AC and engines. We also offer battery services, oil changes and regular maintenance. All of our mechanics are ASE certified. This is the standard certification for auto mechanics. It’s easy to make an appointment. Convenient online scheduling for car repairs. There you will enter your information, repair description and schedule the appointment. Shortly after a staff member will contact you to confirm the appointment.

Car A/C Repair, Recharge, Pen Lucy
Brakes Car Tires Pen Lucy, 21218 Mechanic
Brakes, Tires, Alignment Pen Lucy

Did you know Full Circle has an awesome mission? Full Circle takes on interns that are being reentered into society. We our interns go through the curriculum that allows them to achieve their ASE’s which are the gold standard in certification for auto mechanics. Once they complete the program we work with them to get them employment. This program keeps the recidivism rate low and gives them a chance to change their lives. Not all of our interns go on to be auto mechanics some of them go on to management roles of dealerships or form their own garage. Some have even created their own successful businesses. When you patronize Full Circle Auto you support our wonderful program that not only helps individuals but the whole community.

Car Engine Repair Oil Change Pen Lucy Baltimore
Engine - Oil Change - Pen Lucy Baltimore 21218

Did you know Full CIrcle is a subsidiary of a non profit called Vehicles for Change. Starting in 1999 Vehicles for Change provided affordable vehicles to families with transportation needs. These vehicles are the tools that help them out of poverty and break generational curses. With these affordable vehicles families can find higher paying jobs, seek higher education, participate in after school activities and make doctors appointments. In 2015 Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center was created for lowering the recidivism rate and creating a second chance via job training and placement.

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Car Battery Testing & Replace Pen Lucy

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