Six reasons why Full Circle Service Center is giving away $500 in auto repairs for the holidays

Why is Full Circle Service Center giving away $500 in auto repairs to a deserving family/individual for the holidays? It’s simple…we believe in providing service with a heart! Times are tough and auto repairs can be expensive so as a subsidiary of nonprofit organization, Vehicles for Change, we understand just how much working cars mean to the success, health, growth and well-being of people.

We have received several nominations from applicants wanting to get their car repaired for the holidays. Here are just six of the responses about why they need their cars fixed:

  • Single head of household trying to pursue college degree. Can’t afford to get car fixed. (Baltimore)


  • Have children and work but don’t always have money for repairs. (Westminster)


  • Car is broken down and sitting in a parking lot. Brakes wont stop. (Baltimore)


  • Wants to make sure everything is up to state. I don’t want my car breaking down while my kids are in the car this winter. (Baltimore)


  • This is a car I’ve been working to give to my son. He’s been doing great going to school and working full-time but there is no money left for car repairs.


  • Was in an accident and I am out of work due to this injury (Nov 2015). Had lower back surgery and ended up staying in the hospital for 11 days. I am now facing another surgery and unable to work because I am considered a health risk. I would love for my windows to be fixed. (Glen Burnie)


These are just a few of the people’s stories that we are considering. There is a great need and we want to be part of the solution. If you would like to help us make additional car repairs, go to our GoFundMe Page and make a contribution.