Make Roadside Assistance a Non-factor

According to the AAA (American Automobile Association), more than 29-million calls were made to roadside assistance last year. The majority of calls were for problems that every American should know how to fix on their own! AAA also reported that 35 percent of Americans have skipped or delayed service that was recommended by a mechanic or specified factory maintenance schedule. The three most common breakdowns/reasons why people need assistance are for batteries, tires, and keys. These are all easy fixes. Take note so these issues don’t ruin your day!

Batteries are such a common, yet easy fix when it comes to dealing with cars. A typical car battery will last between three to five years, with reduced “life” in hotter seasons/areas. It is recommended that car owners get their batteries checked after three years and then annually every year after.

Surveys show that 60 percent of Americans admit to never checking their tire pressure before having a flat or busted tire! Tire pressure, including your spare tire, should be checked at least once a month.

Despite rising popularity in keyless cars, AAA has still not seen a rapid decrease in the number of calls related to drivers being locked out of their car. Take the two seconds, before getting out of your car, to make sure that you have the keys!

Even though, problems with batteries, tires, and keys make up the majority of calls: there are still 12 million calls related to engine and fuel issues. No matter what the automotive repair issue may be, contact Full Circle Service Center and we will assist you in taking care of the matter. Also, see our website for more interesting automotive articles to enhance your car knowledge.