Hit the road for National Hot Dog Day!

It’s National Hot Dog Day! Since this national day of appreciation is comfortably situated during a lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer, why not hit the road to celebrate this delightful and delicious national treasure?

First on the agenda…plot out your hotspots. Where will this adventure take you? Will you keep it local or will you, perhaps, explore 95-North toward Philly or 95-South toward D.C. to discover what they have to offer in Frankfurter fare?

If you do decide to keep it local, make it fun. National Hot Dog Day has to be fun! Maryland has many wonderful hot dog spots.  (Hutz Hot Dog, Haute Dog, Perro Loco, Stuggy’s) Don’t just fill up at one spot! Although Burger King’s July $0.79 hot dog special might make it tempting, do your research to find those hidden gems and killer deals within your area. Besides, you are looking for the latest and greatest in hot dog cuisine. This German-inspired All-American treat is not so basic anymore. Don’t just pass the ketchup, mustard, and relish; pass the jalapenos, the cheese, the mushrooms and the bacon.  There is no holds-barred for where the wiener is going so happy hot dog hunting!

Again, whatever you do, have fun in your travels. Cut down on your expenses by bringing your own beverages. On a 90-plus day, ice-cold water is probably the best option.

Remember to make the most of your summer and keep your car in tip-top, road-ready shape for those spontaneous adventures. The staff at Full Circle Service Center is glad to help you with all of your car’s maintenance and repair needs.