Heat Wave

This summer has been hotter than ever! The month of June was the hottest recorded month in the past 136 years! These sky-high temperatures have affected everyone up and down the east coast. Extreme heat and humidity cannot only make you extremely dehydrated but can even cause death.

During extreme heat getting in your car to cool off is a long-standing tradition. But before you load your car up, make sure you give it a check up, so you can be safe in the extreme heat.

Topping off your coolant, changing your oil, and making sure your tires are properly inflated are a great start. But you may not know the full extent of what extreme heat can do to your car. Here are a few problems that can fall victim to extreme temperatures.

Gas is a fluid and if it gets too hot then it can evaporate! Although this might not be a safety risk it is certainly a financial risk. Make sure you make an attempt to park in the shade; your wallet will thank you. Another similar risk is your car battery. Just like gas in your car, battery acid can evaporate too! According to Car Care Council, heat is one of the number one causes of shortened battery life. Transmission is often overlooked and unnoticed. But with summer come trailers and boats! If you plan on carrying around your favorite toy, make sure you get your transmission checked so you know it can handle the strain!