Full Circle Success Story: Omari Jennings

Omari Jennings, an energetic good-natured 25-year old Baltimore City native, once thought that his passion was music. The former deejay, who worked in radio, was convinced that he would pursue this passion as a career. That is, until he had the opportunity to work on a car— that’s when he learned his true passion.

Jennings’ mother, a Baltimore City employee, happened to hear about the detailing program at Vehicles for Change (VFC). She also knew that there was an automotive program in the works so she encouraged her son to apply for VFC’s detailing program, where he graduated with a very marketable skill. In November of 2015, he was accepted into VFC’s new prison reentry internship program at Full Circle Service Center. Jennings did not have a very extensive or serious record; nonetheless, he did qualify for the program because many companies would still be hesitant to hire him with his record.

Jennings’ passion for working on cars really ignites when diving into heavy-duty repair tasks. He, especially, loves to take engines apart and has a dream of owning his own full service auto repair shop. At Full Circle Service Center, Jennings had the chance to learn what it takes to be a great mechanic by learning theory in the required ASE certification training classes and hands-on application.

Upon completion of the internship at Full Circle Service Center, Jennings stands tall with skills and accomplishments that cannot be taken away. He has gained three ASE certificates and was offered a position as a mechanic at Brooks Huff Tire and Auto Repair in Hunt Valley, MD. Taking one step at a time, Jennings is building a portfolio of success and drawing closer and closer to accomplishing his dream.