Expectations of Your Service Department

“Service with a heart” is one of our mottos at Full Circle Service Center. The face of that service in our Halethorpe location is Service Expert, Bud Hill. His jovial, witty and folksy character are just some of the reasons customers trust him with their maintenance and repairs. Bud is extremely experienced, with almost thirty years of working in service at One Stop Auto Repair in Baltimore City.*

In an article from Auto Dealer Today called “The Primary Mission of a Service Advisor,” the primary mission is explained as, “to ensure that every customer is driving a safe and reliable vehicle.” At Full Circle, once the car comes into the garage, the service department, will make sure that it goes through a multi-point inspection to identify current issues and those that could be a problem over time. From that point, the customer has to make the decision to say ‘Yes!” or “No!” to the repairs, but they will do so after being well-informed of possible scenarios and outcomes of not having the work done.

A relationship of trust is accomplished when integrity and truth are the norm. As a subsidiary of Vehicles for Change, the service department is bound to the integrity of the nonprofit and its mission to empower individuals and families with reliable transportation. No unnecessary work is recommended just what will put the customer’s car In the best shape to be safe and reliable.

To find out how Full Circle Service Center can provide safe, reliable, service with a heart for you, give us a call at 410-242-3168 or schedule an appointment online at FullCircleServiceCenter.com.


*One Stop Auto Repair was donated to Vehicles for Change earlier this year. It is now under the management of Vehicles for Change and is called Full Circle Auto Repair.