Coming Full Circle

Perry celebrating his graduation from Full Circle in December, 2018

Before entering the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center program, Perry had tried his best to prepare for re-entering society. However, with limited technical skills and training, his opportunities were limited. From his very first day in the program Perry said, “Everything was different. I was learning skills and could apply what I was doing and learning to become more knowledgeable and skillful. This allowed me to better plan for my future which took a huge load off of me mentally. I have a foundation I didn’t have before!”

Regarding what he liked most about Full Circle, Perry responded, “It’s a good environment for someone trying to take positive steps in their lives. The energy is good [at Full Circle]. Mistakes happen but you’re allowed to make mistakes; you’re given room to grow. [Full Circle] not only changed my life, but my family’s life — My wife’s life. My kids’ lives.”

Perry joined Full Circle in March of 2018 and has since earned all 10 basic ASE certifications. With these accolades, Perry has gone on to acquire full-time employment as a service technician for Exclusive Motorcars, Baltimore’s #1 source for like-new luxury used cars, trucks & SUV’s.

Perry working on-site at Exclusive Motor Cars

When asked what he was most excited about in terms of starting his new position, Perry answered: “finally having a sustainable income! I feel like I can provide for my wife and children. I’m also looking forward to learning something new – having new experiences like working on foreign cars since that’s not something I was able to do a lot at Full Circle.”

Now, with a stable, full-time job, Perry is looking even further ahead. “In 2-3 years, I plan to be a master technician. And far in the future, I want to take all the knowledge I’ve gained and get my Dealer’s License.”

At his graduation ceremony in December 2018, Perry was praised by fellow Full Circle trainees for always lifting them up and being willing to share his expertise. To new trainees applying to the program Perry said, “You have to have clear objectives for yourself and how you’re going to accomplish them. Learn everything you can from everyone around you. You’re going to face adversity, but remember you’re not here for anyone else.”

To everyone at Full Circle and Vehicles for Change, Perry would like to say, “Thank you. Not for what you’ve done for me, but for what you continue doing for me and the others like me that you will help in the future.”

Perry will be dearly missed by all at Full Circle and Vehicles for Change, but we wish him the best in his new career! If you would like to be part of helping others like Perry, please consider donating here.

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