Mechanical Red Flags

Mechanical Red Flags

So you have your new car, and suddenly, it’s making sounds and giving off fumes you’ve never encountered before. How do you begin to identify what’s going on with your vehicle? This is our guide for making educated guesses about common vehicle issues.


Chugging or Rattling

If you hear these sounds, the exhaust system is likely the culprit. A chugging sound means there is a blockage in the exhaust. Rattling means the exhaust system’s alignment is off. If you own a vehicle for long enough, you will encounter this issue.



If you hear a dragging sound, that means there is probably something dragging. Get under your car and take a look. Is there anything that is hanging down where it wasn’t before? That’s the source, and it needs to be repaired immediately. Leaving it alone will cause major issues that are expensive to repair.



If you are experiencing thuds while driving, it could mean you have an issue with tire pressure. An inadequately filled tire could lead to low fuel efficacy and, in worst cases, a tire blowout. To prevent this, always keep an eye on your tire pressure gauge.


If you hear grinding, it’s probably worn-out brake pads. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This issue will worsen over time. If left unchecked, this could lead to total brake failure. Take your vehicle to an auto mechanic shop like Full Circle Auto Service Center and Traning Center as soon as possible.



If you feel your vehicle “click” when you turn your vehicle, it’s a sign of an issue with the axles and, more than likely, the joints of the vehicle. It’s caused by a lack of lubrication in the joins. Lubrication could be added to the joint, but the best repair would be to replace the joint. If left unchecked, it could lead to the erosion of your axles.



There are various reasons why there would be squeaking from a car. It’s usually a suspension issue. Your vehicle’s suspension is made of shock-absorbing components, such as ensuring that your drive is safe and smooth by absorbing the energy from various road hazards. Another reason you would hear squeaking is the hood latches, door mechanisms, and trunk hinges. For these, the culprit is a lack of lubrication or dirt getting into hinges. You can clean your vehicle’s hinges and give them some lubrication.