Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

Holiday Travel Tips From the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center

Happy holidays from your friendly mechanics at the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center!  

It’s that special time of year where we brave crowded malls for gifts to make our favorite people smile, then pile into the car to take a trip to see someone we love. Maybe you’re flying or taking a road trip from Maryland. Either way, you need some travel tips if you want to travel smart in 2021.  

Air Travel Tips 

The airport will be crowded, and it may be hard to navigate to your terminal. You want to give yourself some breathing room and wear

 your comfiest holiday socks. Check in to your flight and arrive at the airport early so you can navigate through the long TSA lines. If you have any gifts in your luggage, DO NOT WRAP THEM YET! It doesn’t matter if you check the bag or carry it on. TSA may make you unwrap every gift. Talk about an inconvenience.  

Short Drives and Road Trips 

Holiday driving can be tricky; you’ll need to plan your drive ahead of time. Drunk and distracted driving is rampant during the holidays, and accidents are prevalent. First, check the weather, the traffic report, and think of alternative routes to and from your destination. Then, make sure you’re well-rested and leave the house with lots of time to spare.  

You can help to make the roads safer during the holidays. Select a designated driver if you will be drinking and limit distractions. Start by putting your phone on do not disturb. Teach your children your favorite road trip games and have their favorite holiday movie ready. Make sure to have your road trip snacks close. Most importantly, get your car checked out by a professional mechanic at one of the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center locations in Halethorpe, MD, and Waverly, Baltimore City, MD.

What to Check Before Your Winter Road Trip 

There’s a right way to do cold weather car camping and an impromptu camp out because of car trouble is not it.  

When you bring your car to a Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center, located in the 21227 and 21218 zip codes of Maryland, we’ll have a look at the parts of your car that are most likely to be damaged during the winter. The cold could lower your tire pressure, and the elements will damage your wiper blades. Freezing water will expand if it gets inside your car. That expansion can cause leaks wherever they go. You could even be so unlucky as to have a frozen fuel line or frozen engine if your engine’s condensation moves throughout the system. Road salt can cause a corroded engine and spark plug failure; we’ll pay special attention to these parts. And, of course, our ASE-certified auto technicians will test your battery! 

You’re already busy enough during the holiday season, so don’t waste time Googling “how to tighten a loose alternator belt.” An alternator belt diagram will only help so much. It would be best if you had a mechanic with years of hands-on training and experience. Make an appointment at a Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center auto garage to find that mechanic today.