Congratulations to Help for the Holidays Winner Bonita Johnson

Full Circle Service Center announced the winner from its Help for the Holidays campaign on Wednesday, November 16th.  Bonita Johnson was clearly overwhelmed as she accepted her gift certificate for $500 in auto repairs from the staff and techs at Full Circle Service Center. With tears rolling down her face, she expressed her gratitude for the gift that will not only impact her car but the safety of those riding in her vehicle.

In keeping with Full Circle’s theme, the auto repair shop’s staff always tries to provide service with a heart. That’s why the Help for the Holidays campaign was designed to impact someone who did not have the means to obtain much needed auto repair work. The selection of the winner was a thorough process, and even though there were many deserving stories, the urgency of Johnson’s need was extremely impactful.

A former Vehicles for Change recipient, Johnson was hurt during an accident on the job (at school) almost two years ago. She has endured a battery of surgeries and was told that she could not return to work because of the health risks she could impose on herself and others. Unfortunately, Johnson lives with a degree of chronic pain and continues to go to physical therapy. With another surgery in the works, she has been concerned about scheduling because her son will have to drive her to the hospital with her grandson in the backseat of the car. It may not seem like a concern, but Johnson’s car windows do not operate properly, and no grandmother wants to put the safety of her grandchild in jeopardy.

Now that Johnson has won the $500 in auto repairs from the Help for the Holidays campaign, that’s one concern that’s off her plate. She can now schedule her surgery and concentrate on recovering.

Click here to see the moment Bonita Johnson received her $500 gift certificate!