Fact or Fiction: Auto Repair Warranty

When you come to Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center you become family, and we take family seriously. As a part of our family, you get a dedicated staff of experts that take their jobs seriously. We want the best for you, and informing you about auto repair misconceptions if just another part of the job. You can consider this blog the car mechanic guide for the everyman. Today we are going to dispel another common auto maintenance misconceptions to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.

Today’s Query: Is my warranty voided by taking my car to an independent auto shop?

Many people think that you must go to the dealership’s repair shop to keep their warranty to be valid. Unless explicitly expressed in your warranty, servicing your vehicle at a different repair shop shouldn’t void your warranty. Usually, things that negate the warranties are the length of ownership, driven miles, installing aftermarket modifications, damage, and vehicle misuse. When purchasing a car, make sure to go over the specifications and read the warranty’s fine print.

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