A spectacular road ahead for the former automotive interns at Full Circle

Vehicles for Change (VFC) is known for changing lives with donated cars. The cars are awarded to working individuals that normally would not be able to purchase a vehicle. Some of those people happen to be the automotive interns that come through VFC’s Center for Automotive Careers program to work at Full Circle Service Center.

The program admits returning citizens with automotive training for a six-month internship. Not only does the experience allow them to sharpen their skills but it also gives them the opportunity to give back to their community by repairing some of the donated cars which will be awarded to families.

At the close of the internship, interns working at Full Circle receive job placements at dealerships, diesel truck and bus companies, as well as independent and chain auto repair shops. Once placed, they have the opportunity to apply for a car through the VFC awards program.

Lucas Johns and Robert Butler, both Center for Automotive Careers (CAC) graduates, were just recently awarded cars this January. Lucas was recruited by Vehicles for Change to come aboard as an auto technician. Having a car will not only change his commute to work from an hour and a half to ten minutes. “Why such a dramatic decrease in time?” you may ask. The bus route Lucas had to ride took a round about path, which is the case more often than not. There is another special perk for Lucas as well. Now he can take his car to visit his family in Calvert County with ease.

In Robert’ Butler’s case, his new job is located in Harford County. The only problem is the former CAC automotive intern lives in Baltimore City. Getting to his job entailed catching an Uber daily, and some days his boss gave him a ride back and forth. Although, Robert was truly grateful for the assistance, he recognizes how much more indepence he will have with his new car. “It’s going to change my work life in a spectacular way,” Robert said.

(Top picture) Former automotive intern, Lucas Johns, is pictured behind the wheel of his new donated car. Robert Butler, also a former intern at Full Circle Service Center is pictured above with Awards Coordinator Assistant, Lauren. With his new donated car, he can stop taking Ubers to get to his job in Harford County.